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God’s Word

July 11, 2020
Capuchin Retreat
The Holy Bible open to Psalm 23 with a Crucifix atop the page

In the first reading for the 15th Sunday, Series A, we hear the familiar image of God’s Word being like the rain that falls on the earth, nourishing it and bringing forth growing things, achieving its purpose (Isaiah 55:10-11). The Word of God is spoken not only once, but over and over again. The Word of God is constantly “watering” our minds and hearts.

The Word of God has been spoken to us all our lives, from the Bible, from sermons in church, from the teaching and example of our parents, other family members, teachers, coaches, and other sources. All these have had some effect on us and have helped to make us who we are. The scripture passage seems to imply that God’s Word will achieve results, no matter what.

However we can help ourselves if we try harder to hear the Word, get the message. In the current civil and social climate, we have been asked “Are you listening?” As a society we have not listened well enough to what some of our brothers and sisters have been trying to tell us.

And so also in our personal and spiritual lives, how well have we been listening to the steady message from God:
love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, justice, healing? It is always there, like a constant falling rain.

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