What is a retreat?

Making the Time

The Gospel story of Bartemaeus, the blind man, gives us a hint at the faith experience of a retreat. He cries out to the Lord for help in curing his blindness. The Lord asks what he desires and he says, "Master, let me see again!”

We seek, in a retreat of any form, to see beyond the surface of our everyday life with all its highs and lows. Extracting ourselves from this daily routine, we enter into an atmosphere of solitude and peace. We take the time to see and feel the presence of our God below the surface of our daily movement and find God in the 95 acres of nature, the quiet of the chapel or our room and the nourishment of the sacraments and the scriptures. We need to take the time to see our life with a new or renewed perspective. We are called to challenge our own priorities. We plan for our future with God as a more intimate player in our daily life.

Weekend Retreats offer four conferences on the theme of Spirituality in our daily life. There are opportunities for the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation along with a healing service. There also is the chance to speak with any of the preaching staff on a one to one level. The retreat begins on Friday evening at 7:30 PM and concludes with Eucharist and dinner at noon on Sunday. The offering is $170.00.

Days or Evenings of Recollection offer a shorter opportunity to get away and have time for reflection and prayer. These days/evenings usually have a conference and discussion and vary with meals or snack, etc. These normally have an offering of $20 to $25.

Private and Directed Retreats: On a Directed retreat of four, five, six or eight days, you meet with one the preaching staff each day for a period of time and use the scriptures for your reflection throughout the days. A Private retreat offers you the time to get away for prayer and also offers the opportunity to speak to a staff member and participate in sacraments. A Private retreat is a $70 donation a day and a directed retreat is a $80 donation a day. This includes all your meals sheets and towels.

A Day Away: If you choose to spend part of a day in prayer using the grounds and facilities of Capuchin Retreat, you are more than welcome.

In the hope of enhancing your retreat experience, we have massage therapists available during weekend retreats. View massage brochure.