Weekend Retreat

 The 2019-20 retreat theme will be:

"Speak, for your servant is listening." 
                                         (1Sam. 3:10)

Over a period of time, Samuel, with the help of Eli, eventually comes to an awareness that God is speaking to him.  God is speaking to us in a variety of ways, in the high and lows, good times and bad, light and darkness, of life.  Unfortunately, we do not hear or we are not conscious of a God who is constantly speaking to us.

On this weekend we will try to discern the voice of God and recognize the many ways in which God speaks to us, individually, and in our world.  Hopefully we too will come to a place where we begin learning to hear God's voice.

The schedule during the weekend includes Confessions, a Healing Service, availability of preaching staff to meet with one-on-one, Eucharistic celebrations, and more. Accommodations include private room and bath with linens, lounge, chapel, all meals provided in our dining room, conference rooms, and snacks.

This silent retreat begins on Friday night with orientation at 7:30 PM and finishes with the Noon meal on Sunday. The cost of the weekend is $170, which includes a $50 deposit to confirm your registration.

See all dates for this Themed Retreat, and contact a retreat captain for the weekend you are interested in. You do not need to be a member of their parish to attend. If you have questions, please call (248) 651-4826.