Retreatant Testimonials

Hear what our retreatants have to say.....

THIS YEAR'S RETREAT SEASON -2019-2020 is "Speak, for your servant is listening"

The retreat was very unique from silence, private rooms, and a very caring staff.  It truly follow Capuchin Hospitality.

Sally is an excellent speaker.  She always speaks to my heart.  I come away with so many ideas that I can incorporate into my life.

You are truly doing God's work.  The retreats and all the love, parayers and preaching were inspiring.

I could feel His presence everywhere.  The grounds being so close to nature and all God's beauty makes the experience even more inspiring.

The Cross in the woods was beautiful!

Good quotation for future retreats "To meditate in silence is to relax in the hand of God, to let God strip away our tensions and anxieties and bless us with peace."

I'm deeply "touched & moved" by all presentations.

The kitchen staff was very conscientious of our dietary needs.  Very kind people.  Every meal was prepared to a delicious perfection.

The conference on chaos & crisis was most helpful.  The execution of the presentation was interesting, relatable and thought provoking.

Excellent food! Compliments to the chef and staff.  Very tasty food.

I really enjoyed the conferences.  I've been reading the Bible more, and I found the conferences very inspirational and helpful.  

LAST YEAR'S retreat season -2018-2019 was“Holiness is...” 

Thanks Be to God for another beautiful retreat.  I thanked our Lord for the gifts He gives me each year to be able to spend time here in the peace & quiet.  I say, "I am going to spend time with just Jesus & me."  Always feel at home here.

Fr. Tom Nguyen is AMAZING!  so happy he has joined the preaching staff at Capuchin Retreat.

The staff is very good, engaging and spiritual.  This is my first time and I will be coming more often.  I loved the retreat and it was God talking to me throughout the weekend.

All the speakers were outstanding.  Each had a style of their own. Yes, holiness is approached in our every day life, whether, neighbor, difficult stranger, family, etc. 

I love coming here.  The priests and lay women are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Thank you all for doing this in your life.

This retreat, "Holiness is..." gave me a new perspective and a few different approaches to my life and how to handle trying situations.  Sally was excellent!

Thank you for a wonderful retreat;  the theme "Holiness is..." has helped me.  God Bless!

I found Sally an excellent speaker, very knowledgeable and has a deep spiritual life which she prestents in her topic very well.  She adds a personal touch from her own life experiences and she is very willing to answer questions and get you more information.

Enjoyed it all!  Nancy was good to hear from as she had a different perspective. She can relate to us wives and mothers on a first hand level.

All the Capuchin talks were excellent and the new addition to the Capuchin staff, Fr. Tom N., with his music, songs and talk brought this retreat over the top for me.

Patty prayed over each of us while we also prayed for our friends, and it was an amazing experience.  I will take this with me, knowing that we can surround each other in prayer and lift our brother or sisters up by praying over them as a group.

This place brought me closer to God more so than I have ever been.  When I came here I learned to really listen to the word of the Lord and try to carry it with my daily life.  I am in love with my spirituality.  God has given me so much that I am truly thankful and blessed every day!

Presentations gave great insight and new perspectives.

Thanks Again!  Taking a lot of new information and this years retreat is new and interesting.  Many more years to serve us, Congratulations on 50 Years!

Sally's presentation was EXCELLENT.  She is an awesome presenter, down to our level, honest, simple to understand and helps us put this all into practice.  I learn more every year and I have been coming for 6 years.

(First timer, non-Catholic)The experience was so much more than I expected.  I feel so blessed to have shared this time in the company of Christian God Loving women.  Thank you so much for all you do.  Your faithfulness and love for Christ can be felt everywhere. (CP)

I appreciate the down to earth atmosphere at all of the talks.  For years, I avoided attending a retreat because I didn't thuink I was holy enough.  Everyone here meets you where you are at.

The meal-time talks were very good.  Good choice of music at mealtime.

May God bless you all.  Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the time here, particularly the silence.

Bro Joe always gives a sweetness & lifting up to the morning (prayer).  I feel at peace as soon as I hit the driveway.  I thank everyone who works so hard to make everything so wonderful for us.

I really enjoyed Nancy.  she was without a doubt the best lay person I have ever had at a retreat.

This was my first experience and more than met my expectations...the peacefulness was most comforting.

This is my first retreat.  I will be back!  I loved the staff and the healing service. 

I came here mired in grief, my shoulders refused to move.  By Saturday night, ...I was healed!  No more pain.  Thank You!

Thank you for all you do.  I wish more people would attend these important retreats.  How badly we need silence now more than ever !!

You were able to help me step back into my life with a weight off my shoulders.

I have been coming to this retreat since the late 80's.  The silence and the holiness of this retreat center is always a welcoming relief from the business of daily life. 

...made me think a lot about my relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit (who seems to be neglected).  I also liked the silence...

It's like coming is so easy to become stagnant; don't always realize the rut you have fallen into - this is a wake up call.

Diane, I personally think, is an angel from God...she has an unending devotion to helping others in need.

Fr the key to my continued support.

I found silence to be very powerful to my surprise.  It allows awareness, which can be peaceful & uncomfortable...also...I thank God for puttine (Fr Jerry) there (for me).

Diane was awesome, a true daughter of God!  I am already looking forward to next year!

I have struggled hearing God speak to me and when I was invited to the event...I could not have been happier.  An now that the even has happened, my life has been transformed in only 1 day.  God does work miracles.  I feel so free now!  And I believe I know what joy & peace & love truly mean!  God bless you.

My greatest moment of tranquility was when I became totally absorbed in watching the deer Saturday afternoon!  Praise God for His awesome creation!

The walking paths are magnificient!  I listened to the birds, viewed squirrels and deer and even saw "a tree fall in the woods"!!

This was the most enlightening retreat I have ever been on!  Praise be to Jesus Christ.  I don't want to leave.  I wish everyone would come on retreat here.



Brother Joe has a humble servant's heart and was very inspiring for me.  His actions were a powerful sermon.  I will try to be a more humble servant in the future!

I love Bro Joe and his prayer ministry at the retreat house.

I enjoyed your gift store and appreciated the book suggestion in our rooms.

I loved the silence!

Healing Service - Always a blessing:  I believe many people see Saturday night as the high point of the weekend.

The Healing Service was awesome!  Thank you for all your hard work in bringing the light of Christ into people's broken lives.

Healing Service - so powerful and beautiful...I came here for emotional healing and am certain I will get it

Healing Service - Special thanks to Fr Tom for his kind, thoughtful, holy prayer for us...

I look forward to the healing service.  It always leaves me feeling paceful and loved as all stand with me to pray.

Friday evening Orientation - Excellent.  Set the mood for the weekend.  God was talking to me; brought tears to my eyes.

Healing Service - The highlight of the Conference every year.

Food & Dining -The salad bar was awesome with the rariety.  I enjoyed my salad it was delicious. 

Massage Therapy - The massage therapists are wonderful.  It is a specialservice I really appreciate.

Food & Dining - As always, the food is plentiful and very tasty.  The staff is always so friendly and helpful.

Food & Dining - The chef is wonderful and the food delicious.  He puts his heart into it.



It is always good to spend time on retreat here with the Capuchins!  Quiet, relaxing chapel and lounge are wonderfullly available.  Staff is excellent!  Prayerful atmosphere!  God is Good!  Fr. Tom at the last conference was Spot on!.

The presenters are wonderful.  All the presentations have a good balance of humor and seriousness, opinion and fact, and are delivered at the pace that allows you to absorb the information or makes you ponder.

I really appreciated the questions for reflection (printed in the retreat booklet) and the concrete/specific suggestions for meditation following the presentations.

Nancy was great - a joy,  Hope we get her again.All talks excellent

I like that each year a book is placed in our rooms.  This year's book is excellent and I purchased a copy.

Thank you for lifting up my spirit!  An awesome weekend that I always look forward to, and sad when Sumday comes, not always ready to return to the materialistic world.  I am always looking forward to the next retreat.

This was my first couples retreat and we thoroughly enjoyed everything!  We are ready to take on the world!

Everyone is so hospitable.  I love this Godly Place! Its so inspiring!


2019 Meditation & Contemplation

Wow!  What a meaningful experience!

Come and enjoy.  Learn and listen and receive God's grace.  Be blessed and be a blessing to others.  Be willing to open to sharing with others whatever God puts on your heart.  This is a fantastic place to experience God' love.

The quiet time spent with God and this group gives us the strength to continue to trust.

I liked learning about living in the present and about contemplation.

This program brought things into perspective how Spirit is connected to our feelings.


2019 Dinner Date Nights

I loved the intimate time with my spouse in a comfortable environment, it was peaceful.

This was so beneficial, I would recommend that all couples do this!

This was the perfect way to reconnect with each other and get ideas for growing closer to one another and God.

What an awesome gift this evening was for each of us and for us as a couple!  Thank you!

I am telling my friends to take time for this.  Treat yourself so you can serve others better.



I appreciated the fact that the retreat was specific to widows.  I have a more positive look going forward.

Very peaceful; loved the walks outside

This place is in great physical condition and reall well taken care of.

I thought everything was wonderful.  I will come again.



Church Staff meeting - Such a peaceful place, you know you are on holy ground from the moment yuo arrive (TB)

AGAPE - This is my first experience with Agape, and it is my first retreat since high school.  From the beginning of this retreat to the last 10 minutes you could feel the Holy Spirit working.  I feel recharged in my faith with a new faith in humanitt...I will definitely continue comint to these retreats.  they are a blessing from God (AS)
These retreats are life changing.  My faith has grown immensely through spiritual direction, peer faith sharing and the community of support that this group has provided for me in the last four years (CM)
Agape retreats provide genuine Catholic Fellowship, a pillar of your faith as a yuong adult.  Without Agape, I specifically have a spiritual need that's not being met. (AD)
WONDERFUL!!  This retreat has meant so much: friendship, compassion, understanding, and coming closer to God.  these retreats are so relatable and so easy to connect with a young adult.  When it's easy to connect yuo grow in your faith! (NA)
These retreats help me get through my hardest days, and they give me something to look forward to. (MF)

11 Step Spirituality - Anyone who is struggling with connecting to God should attend this (SV)