Program Schedule


BOLD indicates program sponsored and/or presented by Capuchin Retreat and open to any adult

The Theme for the 2019-20 Retreat season is:

"Speak, for your servant is Listening."
                                       1 Samuel 3:9-10

Over a period of time, Samuel, with the help of Eli, eventually comes to an awareness that God is speaking to him.  God is speaking to us in a variety of ways, in the high and lows, good times and bad, light and darkness, of life.  Unfortunately, we do not hear or we are not conscious of a God who is constantly speaking to us.

On this weekend we will try to discern the voice of God and recognize the many ways in which God speaks to us, individually, and in our world.  Hopefully we too will come to a place where we begin learning to hear God's voice.

(Host) refers to a group presenting their own program.

Any Date that indicates OPEN is available for scheduling for a program, meeting, etc. of your group. Simply contact the office 248.651-4826 for reservations.

December 2019

Dec 12 OPEN
Dec 13-15 Red Lotus Yoga (Host)
Dec 16-19 OPEN
Dec 20-22 Tap into Life Young adults ages 18-35 Retreat Weekend
Dec 27-29 CLOSED

January 2020

Jan 1 New Years Day CLOSED
Jan 2 OPEN
Jan 3-5 Men's Retreat Weekend (More)
Jan 5-10 Adrian Dominican Leadership Team (Host)
Jan 10-12 Men's Retreat Weekend (More)
Jan 13-14 Notre Dame Prep (Host)
Jan 15  New Years Day of Reflection & New Years Evening of Reflection with Fr. Tom Nguyen choose either our day or evening session (More) 
Jan 16-17 Dioces of Lansing (Host)
Jan 17-19 Women's Retreat Weekend (More)
Jan 19-25 Postulant Mid -year Retreat (Host)
Jan 24-26 Married Couples Retreat Weekend (More)
Jan 26 Ss John & Paul Men's Retreat (Host)
Jan 27-30 OPEN
Jan 29 Cheryl Spaulding (Host)
Jan 31-Feb 2 Women's Retreat Weekend (More)

February 2020

Feb 3-5 OPEN
Feb 6-7 DeLa Salle (Host)
Feb 7-9 Women's Retreat Weekend (More)
Feb 10-12 OPEN
Feb 13 - Day of Reflection  "Embraced by God's Love & Evening of Reflection choose either day or evening session. (More)
Feb 14-16 Deaconate Couples Weekend (Host)
Feb 17 OPEN
Feb 18-19 AOD Pastors and Leadership - Unleash the Gospel formation
Feb 20 OPEN
Feb 21-23 Women's Retreat Weekend (More)
Feb 24-25 OPEN
Feb 26 Ash Wednesday Day or Evening of Reflection: Enter The Journey.  More information comming soon.
Feb 27 Cheryl Spaulding (Host)
Feb 28 - Mar 1 Women's Retreat Weekend (More)

March 2020

Mar 2-3 Lenten Days of reflection.  Choose either our Day or Evening session.  More information soon.
Mar 4-6 Quilters (Host)
Mar 6-8 Men's Retreat Weekend (More)