Monthly Reflections

Read this month's Counselor's Corner by Fred Cavaiani

November 1
Feast of All Saints: We remember all the holy people who have died in our lifetime and the history of Christianity. These are people who opened their hearts and minds to God on a consistent basis and brought such profound love and compassion into the world. The “saints were humble, prayerful, loving, and simple. They learned to do this by surrendering to God in the daily moments of life. “Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face.” We have all known and met saints in our lifetime. Be one and become fully alive now.
November 2
Holy Souls Day. Some countries call this day the Day of the Dead. We remember friends and family who have died and reflect on their lives today. We remember the good they did. We learn from what they did that wasn’t so good. We pray for them that they surrender totally to God if they have not yet done this. We make a resolution today to open our hearts and minds to God in a deeper way and realize that our time on this earth is very short. So we resolve to make it meaningful by letting God deeper into our lives. “Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.”
November 3
God loves each of us and consistently and continually keeps seeking us out to deepen our relationship with Him. God is the Good Shepherd who will leave the 99 sheep for a while to find each of us, the lost sheep who has wandered. He rejoices when we allow Him to embrace us and carry us. Be prayerful and loving. This facilitates our surrender to God. Be like Martin De Pores whom we remember today, a humble, loving and prayerful Dominican brother who helped so many people by his love and humility. Lima, Peru was the home of a kind and humble saint in the 17th century.
November 4
“Their minds are occupied with early things, but our citizenship is in heaven.” When we stay focused on God, we put everything into a proper perspective. It is never what is going on around us that is the problem. It was what love and compassion and peace we are bringing to the present moment. Be like Charles Borromeo, a sixteenth century Cardinal, whose Uncle was the Pope. Charles came from a wealthy family. His family was very famous. Yet Charles kept humble, prayerful and generous. Do the same always. Ask for help to be humble, prayerful and loving.
November 5
“No servant can serve two masters.” “You cannot serve God and mammon.” It is important that we do not become spiritually divided in life. It is so easy to become attached to something and let it be a primary focus point in our lives. The primary focus point needs to be always God and bringing His love and compassion to others. Make quiet time with God and caring time with others your primary purpose in life. Then everything will fall into place because you will not be getting in the way.
November 6
We go to Church and think about God today. We are the, “apple of His eye.” We are so loved by God. He is coming toward us, to bring us into a deeper connection with Himself and with his children. These children are you, me and everyone who crosses our path today.
November 7
“Lord Increase my Faith.” We make our Faith stronger by spending much time in quiet meditation and find friends with whom we discuss, in a loving and insightful manner, the glorious spiritual realities of life. Find friends who will lovingly help you to believe more strongly, be more prayerful and be an example of how to be more loving towards all. With friends like these, heaven will begin now. If you can’t find many friends like this, that is all right. But then make sure you continually spend much time in prayer and meditation. Immerse yourself in God. Immerse yourself in loving others. Both are necessary for a peaceful life.
November 8
“Whoever loves me will keep my word and my Father will love him, and we will come to him.” Keeping God’s word simply means listening to God in the daily moments of life and allowing God (Father, Son and Spirit) to make their dwelling within us. We are always being drawn into this joyful union with God. God is always with us. But he will not violate our freedom. We have to let this deep, personal, union with God happen by saying, “yes Lord, I give my all to you. You are my priority. You are my God and my all.
November 9
“Brothers and sisters, you are God’s building.” We are the containers and the deliverers of the Presence of God to the world. Be always loving. Be always prayerful and contemplative. Bring God to everyone by your peacefulness and your love. We are constantly bringing God into the world in a human and enriching manner. But we first need to immerse ourselves in this Divine Presence and then let our lives be an overflow of God’s Presence. It will bring great joy and peace.
November 10
“I am the Vine. You are the branches. Whoever remains in me...will bear much fruit.” God Grace, Love and Energy is always flowing into us. Remain in this. It will guide you, direct you and keep you on the road to peace and joy. We remain in God through prayer, meditation and the loving words plus actions toward all. Everything and everyone are loved by God. So do the same. Then we become so widely opened up to God.
November 11
“Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it but whoever loses it will save it.” When we realize that life is about giving up our ego and surrendering our need for fame or prestige to God and realize that humility keeps us open to God’s Love and Wisdom, we can lose or life and discover the peace of God. When I think I am great I lose my need for God.
November 12
Today we remember Josaphat an Ukrainian monk and Bishop who did so much to promote unity between the Roman Church and Eastern Churches. He gave up his life for promoting peace and gentleness. Much like Jesus Christ. Our role in life is to promote love and peace. It propels us into a deeper union with the Prince of Peace. “Pray always without becoming weary.”
November 13
We are reminded that following Jesus may not make everything around us better. We will suffer. The world will not always be peaceful. But no matter what is happening around us, we will experience an inner peace and joy that no one can take away. We will be so profoundly connected with the Source of inner peace and joy that all will be well within us no matter what is happening around us.
November 14
“I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will have the light of life.” When we make Jesus a priority in our lives Divine Light shines brightly upon us and illumines our road through life in a positive and uplifting way. Follow the path of God into a light of peace, wisdom and joy. So spend more time in meditation today and in showing love toward others. This is called following Jesus. And the Light of the World will shine upon you brightly because you will be open to receive this Light.
November 15
“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will enter this house and dine with him and he with me” God is always coming to us to have an intimate, healing relationship with us. When we turn toward Him he invites us into a deep union. Today we read about a short man, Zacchaeus who climbs a tree in order to see Jesus. He makes an effort and Jesus tells him that he is coming to his home tonight for dinner. Every little effort we make, Jesus outdoes us by so much love and compassion toward us. He is always waiting for us.
November 16
God wants us to make an effort to surrender more to His Will and to love more. He is not asking for success, just effort. Then He will carry us because we are allowing it to happen. Today we remember Margaret of Scotland, a wife and mother of eight children. She and her husband, King Malcom of Scotland brought much love and compassion into their country. They prayed together and shared so much of their possessions with the poor. What a glorious example for all of us. Make more effort to share, pray and love today.
November 17
Today we remember Elizabeth of Hungary, the patroness of the Third Order of St. Francis, known today as Secular Franciscans. Her husband died at a young age. She and her three children were cast out of the castle. She didn’t complain. She then followed in the spirit of St. Francis who truly became her, “God and her All.” It is never what happens to us that is the main problem. It is what we do with what happens to us. God is always there to help us find a deeper meaning and deeper peace.
November 18
Do not distract yourself with so much activity this day. Do not attach yourself to worry, fear, resentments and frustrations. “Be still and know that I am God.” Walk slowly throughout this day. Listen to the whisperings of God in your heart which keep saying, “Slow down, come closer, let me by your priority in life. I will lead you and guide you.”
November 19
Do not be a legalist in your interpretation of the spiritual life. Be someone who looks deeper and finds God loving you at every moment of this day. Realize that God is always inviting you to come closer to Him. Jesus Christ brings, “life to light.” God only and always wants to give you within your heart and mind “an abundant life” “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”
November 20
Today we reflect upon Jesus Christ as the King of our hearts. We remember today that God always wants to lovingly guide and direct our personal life into an inner experience of peace and joy. No matter what happens to us, the Power and Love of our King will always be there to help us. Bringing us into a deeper resurrection of love and surrender, where we will become more humbly intimate with God. He is our King. He is, “My God and My All.”
November 21
“Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face.” We see and experience God when we share what we have with others. Open your heart wide in kindness and generosity and your desire for God will deepen. Wisdom and right thinking will become your strong points because you are not blocking love and compassion.
November 22
There will always be turmoil in the world. This should never stop our hope and our joy. The secret of a happy life is to realize that God is with us always to help us in the midst of suffering and worry. There is a peaceful place upon this earth: a deep union with God. Nothing can destroy this. Everything can be a stepping stone to making this union with God even more peaceful and joyful. God is always with you.
November 23
Today we remember Fr. Pro the Mexican Jesuit priest who died for his faith in 1927. Standing before a firing squad, his last words were, "Vivo Cristo Rey!" (Long Live Christ the King.) God was his priority. Bringing God to his persecuted brothers and sisters in Mexico was very important to him. He is a wonderful example for all of us of what is most important in life. God, Love, Compassion.
November 24
Thanksgiving Day. Today get on your knees. Thank God for your life, for your loved ones and for allowing you to live in a free country. Look at everyone in a loving and grateful manner this day. Be grateful for those who have gone before you and the positive influences they have had on your life. Be thankful for your spouse, your loved ones, and your friends. Be grateful for God creating you. “This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice.” And let us be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
November 25
“Here God lives among his people.” “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” God is always among us. No matter who dies God is with us. No matter what happens around us, God is still with us and among us. The one Permanent Presence in all of life is God. You have a God who is always with you. “I am Emmanuel. God with us.” Remember this today, the day after Thanksgiving.
November 26
"Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus." Let this mantra be repeated over and over again throughout this day. It will help you to draw your attention back to God throughout the day. In your time of meditation spend some minutes just repeating this mantra. It will get you out of your head and into your heart. Today we remember James Alberione, the founder of the Paulists. He was so instrumental in using modern technology to spread the Word of God.
November 27
We start thinking about the meaning of Christmas. Let these next four weeks be a reminder to you that God continually keeps coming to all of us to help us make our corner of the world a more loving oasis for those around us. Be always ready to meet the Lord in the daily events of your life. When your heart is kind and non-judgmental you become more receptive to receive the Lord your God. And be very reflective throughout the day.
November 28
Faith and humility are partners. When we are humble Faith can be easy and natural. When we are judgmental and taken up with our own intellectualizing, Faith can become very difficult. Tune into your heart (your feelings of brokenness, helplessness, powerlessness, and personal struggles) throughout this day. You will discover and increase of Faith and Surrender to God.
November 29
“Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.” When God becomes powerfully present within us we send out a peaceful presence to all and amazing peaceful experiences will come upon us. Anger and condemnation lose its’ power when love and compassion and the Love of God is present. “Father, forgive them for they know what they do.” Treat everyone with kindness and compassion this day. Watch what happens.
November 30
Andrew, one of the 12 Apostles, is whom we remember today. Jesus asks him to follow Him. Without hesitation, he follows Jesus. Don’t hesitate today you hear the word of God asking you to pray more. Don’t hesitate when God asks you to love more. Know that you are deeply loved by God, so every whispering of his voice is an invitation to live life more fully. Be ready and spontaneous to follow Jesus like Andrew did.