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September Tap into Life Meetup

Are you a young adult struggling with the professional work in this time of Pandemic? Labor and work are such an important value for human dignity and life. How do we take the time to reflect on this gift? Many young adults have struggled with finding work or trying to figure out how to adjust to the demands of our professional fields. Tap Into Life can help offer frameworks that will help us stay grounded in faith and find ways to address the question of labor in this time. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow yourself in faith that will help you step forward to do the work of the Lord.

Join us here at the Capuchin Retreat Center in Washington Township for mass and fellowship for ages 18-35. Our next Tap Into Life meetup will be focused on labor and work during the pandemic. You must sign up below with an Eventbrite ticket so we can plan accordingly.

We will have mass starting at 6:00 pm for young adults 18-35 years of age. Please wear a mask while you are near others! Please bring your own lawn chair for mass! We will have communion but will only be placing it in your hand (not on the tongue). Normally, we have food after mass but since we must stick with strict guidelines, we ask that if you are wanting to eat at the center, you bring your own food. We will NOT be providing food on Sunday.

Register on Eventbrite

We need readers and music for mass so please sign up!

We WILL be doing small groups sessions as usual but we will still be following social distancing guidelines.

When you arrive, pull up a chair on the lawn for Mass. Nobody will be entering through the main entrance. Although the building will be closed, the restrooms will still be open but everyone MUST sanitize after each use.

Please dress accordingly for the weather. If there is rain, we will postpone.

We are so looking forward to bringing mass and fellowship back to our loved brothers and sisters. We so look forward to seeing you all!!

Tap into Life – Discovering the Mystery

As we enter into this Lenten journey, let us come together to Discover the Mystery of Christ. What is missing in your life? What are you trying to discover about yourself during Lent? Bring your sense of wonder and come explore what the meaning of Lent is to you. Join us as we humble ourselves as the woman at the well did, as we forgive ourselves as the Blind Man did and as we find a new life as Larazus did. What a perfect time for us to come together as we are at the center of the Easter season!

Invite your friends and family 18-35 years old. We shall celebrate new life by sharing food, fellowship, small group sessions, mass, meditation and many other activities.

We could always use help during the retreat. Please fill out the form below to volunteer in various parts of the retreat.

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