Retreatant Testimonials

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WEEKEND RETREATS 2016-2017 THEME: "I call you my friends" (John 15:15)

Thanks to all who make the retreat a memorable enlightening experience.

God is the grounds, the anmials, the holiness of this building (it's felt), in the food, and mostly in all the retreat staff.  Thank you again and again.

(First timer)...I was very pleased with the pace of events.  There was just enough tim to feel relaxed and at east while still allowing for informative and motivational talks.

I enjoyed the friendship theme; it really spoke to me.

The Friday Evening Meditation (Centering) was essential to quiet me down. 

Praying that this center remains and that some future priests are coming along to take on center in future.

This year, as always, has brought me closer to God through a greater understanding of our relationship.

I thank God every year that you are still here & that I can come!!

Thank you to everyone here for all that you do to make this time so special for us.  I always feel that all my needs are already taken care of and all I need to do is focus on the spiritual.  It is always a blessing to be able to be here.

(First timer, non-Catholic)The experience was so much more than I expected.  I feel so blessed to have shared this time in the company of Christian God Loving women.  Thank you so much for all you do.  Your faithfulness and love for Christ can be felt everywhere. (CP)

I thank God every day for these 92 years.  God bless all of you for the wonderful work you do. (SC)

Most powerful retreat I have attended...Nancy was exceptional!

I thought this year was one of the best.

What a much-needed breath of fresh air into my spirit-person this experience has been for me.  This is my third time...and the quality that my spirit craves has consistently been found here in these silent weekend retreats. (MSP)

Coming on retreat every year since it opened is one, if not the best weekend on my calendar.  All of you make my faith grow & my heart smile

Overheard 1st time participants marveling at the facility & the 95 acres here as opposed to other retreat houses in the area.

I liked having one person do two presentations in a row...the flow was nice.

(First timer) Thank you for all your attentions and care and helping to understand God's call.

(First timer) I will take away many things that will improve my life, improve my relationship with my spouse and friends.  Thank you for a wonderful weekend!!

A great experience and opportunity to know God as a friend!...I am an extrovert who loves to talk but definitely appreciate the Silence!!

(First Timer)  This was my 1st retreat ever and it was fantastic.

Obviously much time has been invested, and thought as well, and the presentations definitely reflect that inut.  They are interesting and thought provoking, and very much appreciated!

The staff is so knowledgeable.  I'm so glad God fave me the strength to be here.

The instruction to "ponder" all we have heard helped me know in my bones that Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me.  I must know this each & every day.



Healing Service - important to me every year.  My tears tell me that the Holy Spirit was working..

Healing Service - As my head and hands were touched, the Lord also touched my heart!

Healing Service - Brought tears to my eyes!

Healing Service - Always a beautiful, peaceful experience.  So glad to have the time for Adoration.

Healing Service - My heart was so ful watching women stand together in faith and prayer for each other.


FINDING GOD IN HEALING's uplifting and make you realize you're not alone...

It's too short - there should be a whole weekend retreat on suffering.  I lovethis place!

Linda made me feel comfortable and welcome.


MIDWEEK w/Fr Gerry Pehler

Fr Gerry P was awesome, very prepared and spiritual.  The music...was so comforting...

I loved this reatreat and will definitely come back for more.

I...will take this wonderful experience with me.  I needed quiet refletion and peace of mind

Fr Gerry's stories on Solanus always kept our interest.  Bro Joe did a wonderful morning prayer.  Thanks God for all the Capuchins.



(Look for comments after the Jan 27-29, 2017 weekend).


I appreciated the fact that the retreat was specific to widows.  I have a more positive look going forward.

Very peaceful; loed the walks outside

This place is in great physical condition and reall well taken care of.

I thought everything was wonderful.  I will come again.


Church Staff meeting - Such a peaceful place, you know you are on holy ground from the moment yuo arrive (TB)

AGAPE - This is my first experience with Agape, and it is my first retreat since high school.  From the beginning of this retreat to the last 10 minutes you could feel the Holy Spirit working.  I feel recharged in my faith with a new faith in humanitt...I will definitely continue comint to these retreats.  they are a blessing from God (AS)
These retreats are life changing.  My faith has grown immensely through spiritual direction, peer faith sharing and the community of support that this group has provided for me in the last four years (CM)
Agape retreats provide genuine Catholic Fellowship, a pillar of your faith as a yuong adult.  Without Agape, I specifically have a spiritual need that's not being met. (AD)
WONDERFUL!!  This retreat has meant so much: friendship, compassion, understanding, and coming closer to God.  these retreats are so relatable and so easy to connect with a young adult.  When it's easy to connect yuo grow in your faith! (NA)
These retreats help me get through my hardest days, and they give me something to look forward to. (MF)

11 Step Spirituality - Anyone who is struggling with connecting to God should attend this (SV)