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WEEKEND RETREATS 2017-2018 THEME: "Come and Rest in Me" (Mt 11:28)

(First timer, non-Catholic)The experience was so much more than I expected.  I feel so blessed to have shared this time in the company of Christian God Loving women.  Thank you so much for all you do.  Your faithfulness and love for Christ can be felt everywhere. (CP)

I appreciate the down to earth atmosphere at all of the talks.  For years, I avoided attending a retreat because I didn't thuink I was holy enough.  Everyone here meets you where you are at.

Nancy Clancy was a wonderful presenter/speaker.  All talks were right on theme and gave good "take aways".

The meal-time talks were very good.  Good choice of music at mealtime.

May God bless you all.  Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the time here, particularly the silence.

Thanks you for this retreat.  It was the best in my last three years

Nancy Clancy was great; enough humor and personal stuff to keep you interested.

Bro Joe always gives a sweetness & lifting up to the morning (prayer).  I feel at peace as soon as I hit the driveway.  I thank everyone who works so hard to make everything so wonderful for us.

Fred Cavaini was awsome.  Very powerful speaker. 

This was my first experience and more than met my expectations...the peacefulness was most comforting.

This is my first retreat.  I will be back!  I loved the staff and the healing service. 

I came here mired in grief, my shoulders refused to move.  By Saturday night, ...I was healed!  No more pain.  Thank You!

Thank you for all you do.  I wish more people would attend these important retreats.  How badly we need silence now more than ever !!

Loved Sally.  She's the BEST EVER!

Diane was terrific - keep her!   Diane did a great job.  Would like her next year!

You were able to help me step back into my life with a weight off my shoulders.

Richard Rohr's book "Silent Compassion" was fantastic.

Beautiful facility; wellrun; look forward to returning.

...made me think a lot about my relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit (who seems to be neglected).  I also liked the silence...

It's like coming is so easy to become stagnant; don't always realize the rut you have fallen into - this is a wake up call.

This year was exceptional...the best in 5 years...I've had a rough year and hearing "I can go to God & Rest" is exactly what I needed.

Diane, I personally thing, is an angel from God...she has an unending devotion to helping others in need.

Fr the key to my continued support..



Healing Service - so powerful and beautiful...I came here for emotional healing and am certain I will get it

Healing Service - Special thanks to Fr Tom for his kind, thoughtful, holy prayer for us...

I look forward to the healing service.  It always leaves me feeling paceful and loved as all stand with me to pray.

Wonderful massage opportunity!  A must, great group.



(Look for comments after the Jan 26-28, 2018 weekend).



This program celebrated "old" people

Please attend.  You will be very happy and encouraged.

A wonderful opportunity to reflect and find the good in life.



A necessary get away for your spiritual journey (MdM)

A great experience of God's love as described in Fr Owen's book by sharing with other with guidance from Fr To, Fred & Rick (WT)

Spending time at the Retreat House is like experiencing a slier of Heaving in the afterlife (LB)

Today has been the catalyst I needed to move forward in my spiritual journey with God and to God (KM)

Fr Bernie's words are powerful when read alone.  However, the spiritual resonance of sharing his wis wisdom and our individual responses together was a true spiritual awakening...(MS)



I appreciated the fact that the retreat was specific to widows.  I have a more positive look going forward.

Very peaceful; loved the walks outside

This place is in great physical condition and reall well taken care of.

I thought everything was wonderful.  I will come again.



Church Staff meeting - Such a peaceful place, you know you are on holy ground from the moment yuo arrive (TB)

AGAPE - This is my first experience with Agape, and it is my first retreat since high school.  From the beginning of this retreat to the last 10 minutes you could feel the Holy Spirit working.  I feel recharged in my faith with a new faith in humanitt...I will definitely continue comint to these retreats.  they are a blessing from God (AS)
These retreats are life changing.  My faith has grown immensely through spiritual direction, peer faith sharing and the community of support that this group has provided for me in the last four years (CM)
Agape retreats provide genuine Catholic Fellowship, a pillar of your faith as a yuong adult.  Without Agape, I specifically have a spiritual need that's not being met. (AD)
WONDERFUL!!  This retreat has meant so much: friendship, compassion, understanding, and coming closer to God.  these retreats are so relatable and so easy to connect with a young adult.  When it's easy to connect yuo grow in your faith! (NA)
These retreats help me get through my hardest days, and they give me something to look forward to. (MF)

11 Step Spirituality - Anyone who is struggling with connecting to God should attend this (SV)